Bun for Your Life

Two bakery owners get mixed up with murder in the first adventure in the all-new Bread and Batter Mystery series…   As the co-owners of Bread and Batter Bakery in Destiny, New York, Molly Tyler and Olivia Williams have plenty on their plates. Molly is recently divorced and looking for a place to live, but they’re also both preparing for Destiny’s annual Apple Harvest Fair. The bakery has a booth where they’ll be selling not only delicious cupcakes and cider doughnuts, but also tote bags and t-shirts emblazoned with the bakery’s logo. Tensions rise at the fair when local orchard owner Calista Danforth discovers organizers have assigned her usual booth to Bread and Batter. Although a heated argument ensues between her and Molly, the bakery manages to rake in lots of dough. But when Calista is found strangled to death with one of their t-shirts, Molly is named the prime suspect. Now these two friends must whip up some answers quickly before the future of their business crumbles…

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This is just plain ridiculous,” Olivia cried. “What reason could we possibly have for killing Calista? I don’t know where you moved from, Detective, but around here, the police don’t just stroll in to a business and accuse its owners of murder. Where’s your proof? What was our motive? What could we possibly gain from killing her?”

Obviously offended by her comment, Detective Corsino’s brown eyes darkened to almost black and his jaw clenched. Too bad. She was right, but clapping for her seemed gauche. Still, how dare he almost accuse us of Calista’s murder?

“I don’t believe I accused either of you of murder,” he replied, as if he’d read my mind. “I’m talking to lots of folks in town.” His eyes locked on mine. “Although, as I recall, Ms. Tyler, you had a rather harsh argument with her on the day of that fair. Right out there.” He pointed toward the front of the bakery.

“You think I killed her over a booth at the Apple Harvest Fair? Are you crazy?” I held my breath for a second. Probably not a good idea asking the man if he was crazy, but I grudgingly gave him credit for taking my outburst in stride.

“Did you usually get along?”

“On and off,” I admitted. “Not off enough to want her dead for goodness sakes. Or even hurt.”

“When’s the last time you had a disagreement. Other than the one I heard?”

I thought. “It was during a book club meeting. Maybe two months ago. She wanted to read a biography of Herbert Hoover. I may have made fun of her selection. There’s a small chance I incited everyone else to do the same. She stormed out. But you must admit killing someone because they like Herbert Hoover seems extreme.”


What They’re Saying…

“Ms. Barrett’s witty characters and page-turning plot are sure to captivate cozy mystery fans. I can’t wait to return to charming village of Destiny, New York, to see what new adventures await bakery owners Molly and Olivia. A truly delightful read.”

~Susan Furlong, author of Peaches and Scream

“A delightful, fast-paced debut, with engaging characters, so well-drawn they hop right off the pages. Barrett knows how to keep the suspense building and the relationships evolving from the first page to the last.”

~Sharon Pape, author of Sketcher in the Rye

“When murder threatens the reputation of her Bread and Batter Bakery-and its future-Molly Tyler rises to the occasion in this yeasty new series. A delightful sleuth with a distinctive voice, clues buried in the town’s history, and a detective keeping a secret of his own make BUN FOR YOUR LIFE a debut to sink your teeth into.”

~Leslie Budewitz, author of Butter off Dea